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Feng Shui for Health

Acupuncture and feng shui share the same roots and philosophy based on the theory of the five elements (fire, earth, metal, water, wood). Both are branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine used to create balance in our body or the space around us. Creating the right environment can improve your health, mood, sleep, and energy. Here are a few ways to make your spring clean include feng shui principles.


Choose your colors

Color can affect mood and energy of a space. You may want to choose the color as the back drop of the room or add small splashes of accent to get the best feel.

Red- Red is connected to the fire element. It's energizing and good for rooms where physical or mental activities are done. Limit red if you are anxious. Keep red out of the bedroom for those with sleep struggles or if you relate to the wood element.

Blue- Blue is connected to the water element, and is calming and peaceful. Blue relates to the kidney organ system, which when out of balance can lead to fear and worry. Use this color in moderation if you are prone to sadness.

Pale yellow, light browns- These colors are connected to the earth element and promote feelings of calm, balance, and health. They are best used in rooms that want to encourage relaxation. Lean toward yellows for cheerfulness or browns for stability.

Green- Greens are connected to the wood element and pertains to health, growth, and nourishing. Greens are thought to be helpful for headaches and anxiety.

Gray, white- These colors are connected to the metal element and help us in clear thinking, integrity, and being logical. Lean towards white for a fresh start or simplicity. Use grays or silver for comfort and stability.


Feng shui for the bedroom

The ideas behind feng shui in the bedroom is to help you feel safe and secure in order to promote quality sleep.

  • Pick calm colors like earth tones, blues, and greens that promote safety and relaxation

  • Keep it clear under the bed so energy can flow

  • Remove work items, especially electronics so the magnetic and electrical waves don't disturb sleep

  • Put your bed in a "command position" where it is not directly across from the door, but you can still see it. This can make you feel safe and not needing to be on alert.


Other feng shui tips

  • Clear out dirt and clutter to increase energy

  • Fix broken things like a leaky faucet (losing abundance) or burned out bulbs (burning yourself out)

  • If you work at home ideally you have a separate space for work. Position your desk in the command position where you can see the door

  • Add healthy plants (especially jade or bamboo to attract wealth) and get rid of the dying ones

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