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Sweet dreams?

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

What are you dreaming about

How much are you dreaming

Are your dreams disturbing


In Chinese Medicine dreaming is one more piece of information that provides insight about your health. Dreams are connected to the organ systems, especially the Heart. The spiritual aspect of the Heart is called the Shen. The Shen represents emotions, vitality, self-awareness, consciousness, memory, and your overall mental state. The Shen is thought to rest in the Heart at night. When the Heart is healthy sleep will come easily and dreams will be pleasant.


Vivid or excess dreaming?

Several underlying patterns can effect dream habits. Patterns are identified by a set of symptoms. Causes are varied, but here are a few common possibilities.

  • Vivid or excessive dreaming

  • Difficulty falling asleep or waking easily

  • Worry, anxiety

  • Fatigue, palpitations

This set of symptoms relate to Heart and Spleen qi deficiency. The Spleen in its digestive function transforms nutrition into blood and energy. If your digestive system is weak, you don't have enough energy, or a lot of energy is spent on worrying, you won't produce enough blood (in the eastern definition).  The weakness in the Spleen leads to weakness in the Heart generating vivid dreams and sleep disruptions.

  • Excessive or disturbing dreaming

  • Difficulty falling asleep or waking from 1-3 am

  • Stress, irritability, frequent sighing

  • Shoulder and neck tension, headaches

This set of symptoms relate to the Liver. The Liver organ system In Chinese Medicine is responsible for moving energy and blood freely and easily in our bodies. Emotional stress can cause the Liver to become stagnant and disrupt the easy movement of energy in your body. The Liver congestion causes heat which is thought to rise and disturb the mind.


What are you dreaming about?

Ancient Chinese texts identify symbolism from dreams and how they can be used diagnostically to relate to the organ systems.

Feelings of anger:, lying under a tree, forests, mushrooms: connected to the Liver

Mountains, fire, smoke, laughing: connected to the Heart energy

Hunger, singing, building a house: connected to the Spleen

Weeping, white objects, bloody killings, worry, fear, crying, flying and seeing strange objects: connected to the Lungs

Immersing in water, swimming after shipwrecks, being scared in water are dreams connected to the Kidneys.


Promote healthier dreaming and sleeping habits with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

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