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The Nine Heart Pains

Eastern philosophy considers that illness can be rooted in the spirit. In addition to it's physical functions, the heart is the organ connected to all emotional and spiritual issues. Spiritually, there is a thought that there are nine main areas of our life that can offer lessons, or also called palaces. When we struggle with one of these areas it can cause a heart pain, either physical or emotional


The Nine Palaces

One of these areas may be more predominant at a time, making us focus on that aspect of our life. Though a palace can cause emotional discomfort, it is not necessarily a problem, just an opportunity to address challenges and learn a life lesson, making us wiser in the end. We all have to manage these areas of our life. Depending on circumstances, a palace might bring us joy and satisfaction, or be an area that requires more attention and ease.

  • Health-possibly the most important so we can interact with the other areas

  • Abundance-satisfaction with what you have

  • Prosperity-showing generosity and sharing what you have

  • Relationships-accepting yourself in order to have healthy relationships with others

  • Creativity/children-initially referred to children, but can relate to anything you produce

  • Travel/adventure- experiencing new things to keep from feeling stuck

  • Career/knowledge- inspired by the work you are doing, gaining information from outside yourself

  • Wisdom- acquiring information from within yourself

  • Home- finding our place in the world, being at home with yourself


Acupuncture for Heart Health

Chinese Medicine views each organ system as having emotional and physical functions. Acupuncture can help regulate the heart physically and emotionally. Here are a few areas modern research has shown how acupuncture can maintain heart health.

Blood pressure: One way acupuncture has been shown to lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure is through increasing nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide helps relax and dilate blood vessels which lowers blood pressure and increases circulation. Since we produce less of this signaling molecule as we age, boosting supply levels can be important for cardiovascular health.

Heart attack, congestive heart failure: Research has shown acupuncture can help regulate heart rate and rhythm (heart rate variability) which is associated with improved cardiac health, reducing incidence of death with congestive heart failure.

Stress: Ongoing stress is an increased risk factors for heart disease. Acupuncture helps stimulate the vagus nerve, an essential part of the sympathetic nervous system, bringing us from "fight or flight' in to a state of "rest and digest". When we can calm the nervous system we get the benefits of lowered blood pressure, reduced inflammation, improved sleep, and a sense of calm.


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