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The Spirit of Death

Death is the separation of the spirits from the body.

What are these spirits?

In traditional Chinese and Taoist thinking, organ systems have both physical functions and spiritual aspects. There are five spirits, associated with the five main organ systems (heart, spleen, lung, kidney, liver). The two spirits most involved with death are the Po, the more yin, corporeal soul connected to the physical body and the Hun, the more yang, ethereal soul.

"When a person is about to die the warm Qi leaves him and rises. This is called the Hun rising. The lower part of the body gradually becomes cold. This is called the Po falling" -ancient text


The Hun (ethereal spirit) leaves the body for a heavenly realm while the Po (corporeal spirit) returns to the earth.

The Po

  • Spirit that arrives in the fetus before birth

  • The Po returns to the earth upon death

  • Connected to the Lung organ system

  • During life the Po directs our physical functions. It allows for movement, coordination, breathing, and all physiological functions.

Imbalance in the Lung organ system will effect the Po. Emotional manifestations include a lack of vitality, feeling disconnected, worry, grief, and sadness.

The Hun

  • Spirit that enters the body shortly after birth and survives the body to return to heavenly realms after death.

  • Connected to the Liver organ system

  • In life helps to plan and direct our lives. Fosters intuition, enthusiasm, creativity, and relationships. It is responsible for our dreams at night.

If there is imbalance in the liver organ system the Hun will not be rooted and there can be insomnia, feeling directionless, depression, and lacking vision.


Door to the Soul

Acupuncture points that help support the spirit

Door of the Corporeal Soul (acu point Bl 42)

  • Physical: treats and strengthens the Lung, relieves pain and cough, asthma

  • Emotional: addresses grief, sadness, depression

  • Spiritual: helps us connect and revive an inner spirit and move on from feeling trapped

Gate of the Ethereal Soul (acu point Bl 47)

  • Physical: treats pain and spasm of chest, back, sinews, joints, gastrointestinal issues

  • Emotional: Helps resolve anger, frustration, resentment, depression

  • Spiritual: lack of vision and creativity, feeling aimless


Dealing with a loss?

A loss can come from losing someone, situational changes, or health complications. While grieving is healthy to some extent, prolonged grief and sadness can effect our well being.

Here's how acupuncture can help.

Chinese Medicine views our physical and emotional health as interconnected and prone to affect the other. Grief, difficulties dealing with loss or change, and prolonged sadness are imbalances related to the Lung organ system. Weakened Lung function from emotions can result in physical lung ailments like asthma, respiratory infection, constipation, skin ailments (rashes, eczema), dry skin or hair.

Acupuncture can increase levels of "feel good" endorphins, serotonin, and activate the parasympathetic nervous system creating more relaxed and balanced emotions.

Lung time on the Chinese Medicine Clock is 3:00-5:00 am. We should be sleeping and refreshing Lung function during this time. If you find yourself awake at this time if could be connected to weak Lung function, illness, or unprocessed grief and sadness.

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